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SEG(Selective Epitaxial Growth)

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FalconTM : Multi-Stack SEG System

The Falcon™: Multi-Stack wafer architecture with independent gas distribution and wafer rotation offers a higher productivity alternative to today’s much lower throughput solutions, with minimal to no pattern size effects.

Key Features
  • Multi-stack Wafer Process
  • Independently Controlled Gas Distribution Nozzle for Each Wafer
  • Wafer Rotation
  • In-situ Chamber Cleaning
  • Dry Pre-clean Chamber
  • High Throughput
  • Excellent Within Wafer Uniformity - Thickness & Dopant Concentration
  • Excellent Wafer to Wafer Uniformity - Thickness & Dopant Concentration
  • Minimal Loading Effect
  • Lower Particle Generation with In-situ Cleaning
- SiGe Channel
- Embedded SiGe S/D
- Elevated Si(p) Epi
- 3D NAND Si Epi Contact Plug - Si Epi Contact Plug