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Cyclic CVD

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CardinalTM : Cyclic CVD System

The Phoenix™: Unique chamber design, with laminar flow capability and excellent plasma uniformity enables deposition of high quality films for challenging applications. Plasma Enhanced ALD system provides the superior film quality using Eugene Technology’s patented Super Cycle Densification Technology.

Key Features
  • Deposition Temperature Range: 50~550°C
  • Patented Plasma Densification Process
  • Compact Twin Chamber Configuration with Laminar Flow
  • Square Type Chamber, CCP Design
  • Wafer Rotation for Various Thickness Map ; Flat, Convex, Concave
  • High Throughput: Four (4), Twin Chamber Process Modules
  • Excellent Step Coverage and Minimized Loading Effect
  • Excellent Thickness Uniformity and Repeatability
  • Wet Etch Rate Control
  • High Density Film Quality at Low Temperature
  • Good Electrical Characteristics and Low Wet Etch Properties
- Gate Spacer Oxide
- Gate Spacer Nitride
- Spacer oxide for Multiple
- Low-k Nitride
3D - 3D NAND Tunnel Oxide
- 3D NAND Wet Barrier Oxide
- 3D NAND Gap-Fill Oxide
- 3D NAND High Quality
Planar - STI Liner Oxide
- Spacer Oxide for Multiple
- Spacer Oxide for Multiple
- Gate Spacer Oxide
- Gate Spacer Nitride