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Cyclic CVD

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CardinalTM : Cyclic CVD System

The Harrier-M™ is a mini batch ALD system for NAND, DRAM and Logic device which has better ALD performance with small volume, narrow gap & wide boat pitch. The better ALD performance with faster pumping/purge ability can provide increased film quality with precision material engineering, excellent step coverage, minimal pattern loading, lower impurity and best wafer to wafer uniformity with compact “5+1” zone heater.

Key Features
  • Temperature Range: 400~850°C
  • Dual Tube (Inner & Outer Tube)
  • Smaller Volume & Higher Vacuum Conductance
  • Direct Laminar Flow with Narrow Gap & Wide Boat Pitch
  • Compact “5+1” Zone Heater Design
  • Chamber In-situ Cleaning
  • Precision Material Engineering with Better ALD Performance
  • Excellent Step Coverage
  • Excellent Within Wafer and Wafer to Wafer Uniformity
  • Minimal Pattern Loading Effect
  • Lower Film Impurity
  • Well-proven Safety for High Temperature Process
  • High Throughput with Improved UPS
- Space ALDSIN - Space ALDSIN
- Passivation ALDSIN
- Capping ALDSIN
- Passivation ALDSIN
- Buffer ALDSIN
- Stopper ALDSIN
- Spacer ALDSIN
- Liner ALDSIN
- Passivation ALDSIN