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Thermal LPCVD

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BlueJayTM 450mm Single Thermal LPCVD System

The BlueJay™: Temperature uniformity control and tunable process gas flow in our multi-chamber, single wafer platform offer unique process flexibility, excellent film thickness uniformity and repeatability, lower thermal budgets and ease of tool matching.

The BlueJay-e™ : Next generation, compact version offering the same process advantages with a smaller footprint and lower CoO

Key Features
  • Independent Dual Zone Temperature Control for Better Film Uniformity

  • Up to 800°C Process Capability
  • High Throughput

  • Optimized Design Based on the Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD)

  • Flexible Gas Panel Configuration
  • Centralized Architecture Using Device Net Protocol
  • Excellent Thickness Uniformity & Reproducibility
  • Lower Thermal Budget vs. Traditional Batch Furnaces
  • Lower Particle Generation via In-situ Dry Cleaning
  • Multiple Applications with Versatile Gas Options
  • Industry Standard Tool with Production-proven Platform
- Low Temp a-Si
- Ultra Thin a-Si
- Hardmask a-Si
- STI Liner a-Si
- Deposited Gate Oxide
3D - 3D NAND Channel Si
- 3D NAND Oxide/Niride
Planar - Floating Gate Nano Poly
- Control Gate Gap Fill
- Hardmask Nitride
- Si rich Nitride
- Hardmask a-Si
- Low Temp a-Si for Multiple Patterning
- Capacitor plate electrode SiGe(B)
- Buried Gate Capping Nitride
- Hardmask Nitride
- Hardmask a-Si
- Capacitor Mold Si
- Contact Gap Fill Si