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Dry Cleaning System

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FalconTM : Multi-Stack SEG System

The Hawk™ is a dry cleaning system for memory and logic device which provides a perfectly clean Si surface for deep contact plug integration and all of the Epi processes including Si, SiGe and III-V materials. 

Key Features
  • Single Wafer Dry Cleaning Process with Gas Chemicals
  • Eugene's Own Dual Rotated Spiral ICP Antenna Plasma Source
  • High Radical Density
  • Plasma Damage Free
  • Wide Range of Process Parameters
  • Controllable Map, Concave or Convex
  • Excellent Uniformity
  • Good Coverage at Deep Contact
  • High Throughput
- Pre-cleaning for Epi SiGe
- Pre-cleaning for SRB
- Pre-cleaning for III-V
- Pre-cleaning for Epi Si in 3D NAND - Pre-cleaning for EPI Si & Poly Si
- Pre-cleaning for Deep Contact Plug
- Removal of Dielectric films.