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Cyclic CVD

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CardinalTM : Cyclic CVD System

The Harrier-L™ is Eugene’s new product for batch Thermal & Plasma Enhanced ALD and LPCVD process, provides outstanding mass productivity as compared with established batch system and excellent process solutions with high vacuum conductance design and high thermal control accuracy.

Key Features
  • Large Batch Process Chamber
  • State-of-the-art Heater Element Technology
  • Enhanced Vacuum Conductance for Fast Gas Flow Speed
  • High Speed Wafer Transfer Robot
  • High Throughput (Up to 150 Wafers/Batch)
  • Excellent WiW and WtW Thickness Uniformity
  • Excellent Temp. Stability by using Unique 7+1 Zone Heater
  • Lower Particle Generation with In-situ Cleaning
  • Low Loading Effect
- Space ALDSIN - Space ALDSIN
- Passivation ALDSIN
- Capping ALDSIN
- Passivation ALDSIN
- Buffer ALDSIN
- Stopper ALDSIN
- Spacer ALDSIN
- Liner ALDSIN
- Passivation ALDSIN