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Plasma Treatment

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AlbatrossTM : Single Plasma Treatment System

The Albatross™: Our high density and low electron temperature plasma offers many advantages for plasma surface treatment processes. Our patented, dual rotated ICP plasma antenna technology, surrounding a quartz chamber, provides excellent film uniformity, very clean treatment and wide process range to meet every customer’s needs.

Key Features
  • Dual Rotated Spiral ICP Antenna Plasma Source
  • Quartz Chamber for Metal Contamination Free Process
  • High Temperature Process up to 600°C
  • High Vacuum Configuration w/Turbo Molecular & Dry Pumps  
  • Damage Free Plasma
  • Lower Particle Generation
  • Wide Process Window
  • Thick Plasma Oxidation
- Fin Block Oxidation
- Gate Oxide Nitridation
3D - 3D NAND Oxide Densification
for High Quality
Planar - STI Sidewall Oxidation
- Tunnel Oxide Nitridation
- ONO Bottom Nitridation
- ONO Top Nitridation
- W Selective Oxidation
- Gate Sidewall Oxidation
- Capacitor Nitridation/Oxidation
- Gate Oxide Nitridation